• what’s up

    Wish I could tell you that we finally found my dream home and I can't wait to start restoring it... but I'd be telling a fib!  We only came across  Read more

    what’s up
  • in the mood for green

    Anyone?  I love color.  It's all around us.  Even my spanish olive that refuses to give up on us after 20 some years, is vibrant green and blooming.  Read more

    in the mood for green
  • weekend haps #4

    Holy scary-ness when you think your laptop has died and you've lost your life over it...weekend haps #4! FRIDAY~  My laptop was finally ready  Read more

    weekend haps #4
  • Spring sandals & foot scrubs

    Oh Springtime!!!  Chances are if you live up north you are definitely NOT thinking about cute spring sandals, going barefoot or foot scrubs.  But, I  Read more

    Spring sandals & foot scrubs
  • featuring a Fall wedding

    The day arrived, featuring a Fall wedding that takes place one Fall day at the Thorncrown Chapel.  Just as this little girl always dreamt it would be.  Read more

    featuring a Fall wedding
  • bountifully stylish

    This time last year we had just moved to the area and we were in a rental cottage and all my pretty's (decor stuff), were in storage.  I was sad not  Read more

    bountifully stylish
  • Best ever Gluten Free Carrot Muffins

    Fixin' to share the Best ever Gluten Free Carrot muffins recipe for the best muffins you'll ever have.  AND you won't even know they're gluten free!  Read more

    Best ever Gluten Free Carrot Muffins

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