• holiday ready with diy’s

    Casa GCC has been busy as is typical this time of year.  But we are holiday ready with diy's and more!  I'll start with our very first trip to a Tree  Read more

    holiday ready with diy’s
  • Intentionally Blank

    When life gets tough the tough get going, or so I’m told.  But sometimes getting a plastic card in the mail that has “intentionally blank” on it,  Read more

    Intentionally Blank
  • weekend haps

    This week I kept thinking about the upcoming weekend haps and the fact that it was a 3 day weekend and that all I wanted to do was basically...  Read more

    weekend haps
  • cliff notes

    Short story- sorry to bore!  My bff's and I are referred to as the Rusty Magnolia's, (a name Boo christened us with many-many years ago). I'll spare  Read more

    cliff notes
  • matcha-matcha better

    Been under the weather and I hate that.  But in order to feel better I pump myself full of oils, liquids like teas & smoothies. What can be better  Read more

    matcha-matcha better
  • weekend haps

    What awesome, FULL and beautiful weekend haps we had @ casa GCC!!! Family came in for the weekend and we had a "Sean's headed to the Navy  Read more

    weekend haps
  • love me to death

    So Valentine's day is approaching .  What do you do to celebrate with your significant other?  For all you choco-lovers, impress 'em with a tried n  Read more

    love me to death

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