2 market 2 market

2 market 2 market to buy a fat pig…well, not really.  But pigs in a blanket were at the scene!

2 market 2 market-pigs

If you frequent GCC tho, you know I “♥” farmer’s markets! And if you live in or near Austin you know they have the bombdiggity-most fantabulous markets around!

2 market 2 market-dustin

Why?  Cause Austin loves organic, natural & unique.  And that’s what you’ll find!

Then comes time to host a breakfast for some visitors at work.  What else do I love almost as much as farmers markets?  Entertaining & planning an event—really ANY event & any excuse to party!

My big rule of thumb when planning a special occasion….deciding on a THEME!  This time…a farmer’s market!

2 market 2 market-decor

Throw in a little fresh produce, farm eggs, a vintage milk can and you’ve got some great props!

2 market 2 market-milk

Then decide on your menu and present it pretty—-and, you’ve got a hit!

2 market 2 market-muffins

Displaying your food in a way that incorporates your theme is a great conversation starter.  We filled some berry baskets with pigs & fruit kabobs, while the cardboard tray held the mini quiche, the cran-orange muffins, wood utensils tied up nicely with a farmers market tag & a cup ready for java or hot tea.

2 market 2 market-baskets

Making it easy to carry, fill and a SUPER easy cleanup!

2 market 2 market-yum

A very cool way to bring a farmers market indoors huh???


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