It was 1981 and this girl was in love!  Can you tell by this pic? I was 22 and ready to commit.
22 and ready to commit-young

I was ready to settle down with the love of my life and we didn’t even know what we were doing.  But we knew we wanted to start a life together and that we didn’t want to live our lives without one another.

My dad wasn’t too thrilled when I told him and my mom just kinda thought I had lost my mind.  But there was no stopping us.  My dad said, “if you’re serious about this, you better know that marriage is a lot of work.”   Like any young couple we had trials and hard times but we were committed to each other.  We promised we would work together in building a strong marriage, that God would be our compass, that we would tell each other at least twice a day “I love you”, we would raise our family with strong values and  we would work hard—-TOGETHER.

So on March 7th, 1981 my dad walked me down the aisle and Boo and I exchanged our own wedding vows.  We had all our loved ones there and we began our life together…these two silly young kids!

22 and ready to commit-vows

22 and ready to commit-vows-81

22 and ready to commit~

The day was beautiful and perfect!  And checkout how young we were…wow!

22 and ready to commit-colll

Fast forward to TOMORROW… Boo and I will be celebrating our 33rd year and I just can’t believe how time has flown!  This man has been the most amazing husband I could ever n never imagined growing old with.  He has beautiful qualities and great character.  We have always kept our promise of telling each other “I love you” each day – but, we do it more than twice a day.  We communicate, we laugh A LOT, we surprise one another, we date, we negotiate and we work hard at this.  But when you want something bad enough you work at it (like dad said).  Our marriage is worth every ounce of work we’ve ever put into it.  It’s been wonderful and I can honestly say that I am blessed beyond  anything I ever thought I deserved.  God put us together and I am thankful each day that HE did.

Here’s to forever more my love!

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