5 awesome gift ideas for a Teacher-THUMB

GOSH DANG!!!  Can you believe it’s the end of April and it’s almost time to once again to recognize those beautiful humans that give so much throughout the school year?!  That’s right, it’s time for TEACHER APPRECIATION week. I’ve got 5 awesome gift ideas for a teacher, along with my own personal gift idea and free printable tags.

5 awesome gift ideas for a Teacher-bags
5 awesome gift ideas for a Teacher-plate
Teachers hold a special place in my heart, always have, always will.  I love this time of year when I can come up with a cute gift idea to take up to those lovely people.

When I was a kid growing up, we didn’t have much.  So, getting something as little as a gift for a teacher was just not going to happen.  We didn’t have the money to get “extras”.  We had to be creative and improvise.   Gifts to my teachers were usually a picture I had drawn or colored.  Always wishing I could buy them something really special but never having the money to do so. 
I don’t know about you, but one of my rules has always been to make mental notes of things I want to change. Teacher gifts was on my list, as long as I could afford them or had the time to make them.  (The latter being my favorite!).  Every year without fail, I start planning on what I will do this year for a special teacher out there.

This year, I designed this cute gift tag that you can print at home or the office and tie to your awesome teacher gift idea!
5 awesome gift ideas for a teacher-tag-template
After I found these cute bags that came with adorable “hand made”stickers that became my inspiration for the tag color scheme.
5 awesome gift ideas for a Teacher-idea
But, what do you think of how stinkin’ cute these mini spoons are???

I know right?
The plan is to make mini cheesecakes using these clear cups to put in each bag, along with the adorable spoon.  Then adding my tag and gifting!  (The small 4 ounce clear lidded container I ordered fit perfectly in each bag.)

5 awesome gift ideas for a teacher-supplies

For photo purposes, I put one of my homemade jams in one so you could see how it will look all bagged up, with the cute tag!
5 awesome gift ideas for a Teacher-bagged
Other ideas you can use as fillers in these cute bags:

  • bath bombs
  • gift card
  • note pad & pen
  • cookies
  • mini loaf of goodness
  • muffin
  • mani/pedi items like nail polish, file, small lotion

For printing out your own gift tags, just click HERE!!! I had bakers twine that I’ll use to tie the tag on but you can just tuck it under the sticker that comes with the bag to attach.
The other supplies can be ordered below.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

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5 awesome gift ideas for a Teacher

Here’s some more awesome gift ideas I found that will make perfect teacher appreciation gifts that you can have your child take to their favorite teacher!  Just CLICK ON EACH PHOTO for info!
If your budget doesn’t have room for a purchased teacher gift, a beautiful drawing or card made by your child is totally acceptable and will be appreciated just as well!  It’s the thought!

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