How I turned a plain little interior door..into my own cute little hobbit door.

A hobbit door

hobbit door

I absolutely love doors!

Especially ones with character, intrigue or intricate mystique. And I find it fascinating, just wondering where one leads into when I don’t know what’s on the other side.



My Pinterest board for “doors” outta tell you a bit about my door addiction.

Anyway… when we were buying our house and I noticed the 3/4 sized door that housed the heater unit, I knew that would be changing.  Why have a plain white door when you can add character to it?  Plus it would be a conversation piece, and I could re-create it to be a fun little project.

So I started out by placing a thin trim around it to add a little dimension and after I removed the door knob, I left an area for the new one and I started to stain the door, doorsteps

then added hinges that would be MY inexpensive version of those awesome iron hinges you find online or in custom little shops & cost a fortune.


My version however, were created with caulking.  I traced them out with the caulk gun right onto the door and allowed it to dry overnight.  The next day, I came back and accented them with black paint. The rest of the door was painted with a white wash technique so that some of the stain would show through.

Almost finished here & no nicks or cuts this time around.

The new knob plate & glass knob.

hobbit door

Then touches of antique medium throughout, hammering in some brass tacks and then touching up the raised surfaces with bronzer to make them more pronounced.


FINAL touch….

I think any door with character deserves a special key that allows for its passage, don’t you?


Enter into an unexpected journey through the hobbit door!




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