A little farmhouse box diy-gullycreekcottage-box

What do I love more than sunflower seeds?  It’s gifting!  I love making cute little gifts for special occasions.  The look on peoples faces when you give them something adorable and unexpected, is the best! I love that!  So when we were having our giveaways as part of our Bed & Breakfast anniversary celebration, I headed online to shop for some cute prizes.  This post is a little farmhouse box DIY fun using some adorable wood planter boxes!

Yep! Some simple wooden boxes pimped out with farmhouse flair!  And I just had to share so you can be the coolest when you’re trying to come up with a cute gift or you just want a wooden box to help organize or decorate your countertop!

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-boxes

I discovered SaveOnCrafts when my daughter was getting married in 2011 and we were looking for wedding supplies.  It didn’t take me long to see that they have SO much more than wedding merch.

There are many visits to their site when I’m shopping for a new craft or gift ideas. That’s how I came across these simple & inexpensive, unfinished wood boxes.  

Who doesn’t like getting a cute gift in some really cool packaging?  Anybody? 

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-wood

The boxes

are natural- raw wood.  By raw I mean that they will need some sanding prior to anything.  I painted some black and some in white.  After creating some designs and cutting some vinyl lettering, we were ready for cuteness overload!  The boxes are actually planter boxes and come with a thin plastic liner but the possibilities for fun with these boxes are endless, you can pretty much do anything.

After customizing them, I filled the boxes with a dishtowel, a pepper-mill (the name of our B&B), jellies, you name it! They turned out adorable!

I had one box leftover and I was in need of a container to store all my smaller cutting boards in.

After visiting my MIL this summer, I came home with 3 of her old and beautifully worn boards that she’d had for many years.  Running a B&B I tend to use a lot of cutting boards when I’m prepping for breakfasts & catered events.  My counter was getting a little cluttered so I decided to see if they would all fit in the box.  

The box was the perfect size!

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-boards

Primping… this dual sided box gives you an option to change the look… just flip it around!

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-pig

This design I did is a combination of the year our home was built (1883), plus some French verbiage that says “cutting boards”.   Just because I love anything French!  Then “farmhouse” on the flip side!  

I’ve attached the patterns below in case you’d like to copy my design! (*See #4 in the instructions below!)

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-cutting

My collection of cutting boards are now nicely tucked inside this box and it gives the perfect effect plus they aren’t sliding around and getting in the way!

A little farmhouse box DIY

making your own adorable farmhouse box:

  1. Buy your box!
  2. Sand it down
  3. Paint it (2 coats of any acrylic/your choice paint color)
  4. USE MY DESIGN #1/ #2  or create your own & cut lettering out on your Cricut!
  5. Add a bit of antiquing medium on the corners & edges once you’ve applied the lettering
  6. Seal (Spray project sealant)

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-prizes

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-1883

A little farmhouse box diy-gcc-farmhouse

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