A Must See - Texas Chapels-texas-beauty

Y’all must know by now that I love architecture and I also love girlfriend trips.  So what could be better than a must see – Texas chapels!  This tour was a fantastic way to spend a day with the girls and a chance to see some beautiful history and architecture in Texas. A Must See - Texas Chapels-chapels-texas

So how about the Painted Churches tour?  If you haven’t…you MUST.  We went on a beautiful spring weekend, when the bluebonnets were out to impress, and the weather was just perfect.  But it doesn’t matter when you go—– just go!

Here are some pics that I took – unfortunately I forgot my GOOD camera and had to settle for iPhone photos 🙁

Either way, take a look at the beautiful workmanship, craftsmanship and AWE of  these chapels.
A Must See - Texas Chapels-church-texas A Must See - Texas Chapels-chapels-across-texas A Must See - Texas Chapels-must see-tour A Must See - Texas Chapels-amazing-buildings A Must See - Texas Chapels-catholic-churches A Must See - Texas Chapels-stained-glass A Must See - Texas Chapels-czech

Impressive aren’t they?  Well, you need to see them in person because these little iPhone pics don’t do ’em justice!  Take my word for it.  And, the stories of the parishioners that made them happen, are just as beautiful and inspiring.

A Must See – Texas Chapels

GCC’s recommendation for the Painted Churches Tour

If you want to enjoy a perfect trip to the Schulenburg area, here are my personal recommendations:

  • First off… book the tour in advance (click on the link attached above).  Hopefully you’ll get a wonderful tour guide like we had!  We scheduled our tour for a Saturday morning and had no concrete plans for the remainder of the day.  Glad we didn’t as it took about 4- 5 hours for the tour!  So plan accordingly, you don’t want to miss any of the tour!
  • Find the perfect little b&b, inn, or farmhouse quarters  (we stayed in the small town of Freyburg, TX), it was central to the area and you could do the tour, shop, sightsee and get to restaurants and neighboring towns easily.
  • A lunch recommendation is at this little place I found in Moulton, TX (Kloesel’s).  Friendly atmosphere and country style foods, just like you’d expect in a small country, Texas town!
  • La Grange is nearby and has several great eateries.
  • If you like antiques and want to be amazed at Texas antique weekends, then you need to plan your trip during the fall or spring!  Click here Round Top or Warrenton.  They both have wonderful shopping and we were fortunate to plan it around one of their antique weekends!  If you do happen to go then, wear comfortable clothing and shoes—you’ll be doin’ lots of walking!

Hope this will help you make the planning for this “Texas must-see possible.

A bonus was, seeing one of the largest oak trees in Texas!  Our tour guide was kind enough to detour our route to take us there.

Glad he did ~

A Must See - Texas Chapels-girlfriends

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