Do you have a problem with buying a loaf of bread and then before you know it, it’s gone bad?   It isn’t cheap either!!!  I get so frustrated when it goes bad before we ever finish it.  I used to think it was because we just don’t eat a whole loaf between the two of us.  But I realized that it wasn’t so much that we wouldn’t or didn’t eat it in a weeks time, it was that we really just didn’t like it. Hence this post, a slice of bread with healthy on it, please!

A slice of bread with healthy on it, please!-loaf

Like so many things that we put into our bodies, not because it tastes good, but out of habit and convenience, unfortunately, mostly convenience!  When you start getting informed on what you really put into your bodies and the bad ingredients that so much of “purchased” food contains, it’s daunting.  So I’m making changes.

I am on a quest to eat healthier, cheaper (monetary not quality), and better foods.

My two kids are my biggest inspiration when it comes to eating right.  I think my son eats healthier than anyone I know.  He is very conscientious of the foods that go into his body, that itis automatically tuned into his system that anything that goes in has to be of high beneficial value, or he just doesn’t have it!  My daughter is constantly learning about what foods contain and what they do for us.  A few years ago, she was diagnosed with an illness but she took it upon herself to research it and change what she ate.  Because of eating healthier and being proactive with her dietary intake, she has basically cured herself.  I am so proud of her for that, for the research that they both continually do, and the nutritional choices they make to be healthier!

A good rule to follow is, (one that I use now), if I can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s not coming home with me because more than likely it’s not good for you.  If we were to make it a habit to READ the ingredients in packaging labels on the food items we buy, (if you don’t already), you would be blown away and it’s one of the main reason Americans are overweight and in poor health.

I consider myself a very good cook so there’s no excuse to not make delicious, healthy food for my husband and I.  I used to do that for my kids when I was home raising them and then I went back to work and that stopped,  (mainly due to time constraints).  Cooking and planning a menu takes time, but we are worth it.

A slice of bread with healthy on it, please!-homemade

So what does BREAD have to do with being healthy?  Well like anything, too much of a good thing is not good for us, right?  But bread isn’t entirely bad for you, it’s the quantity and the quality that affects us.

So instead of buying the crappy store-bought breads that I end up tossing out each time,  I will be posting my favorite bread recipe that I’ve tweaked to include some healthier ingredients.  You will love that it’s better tasting, costs way less, AND it won’t go to waste—I promise!

A slice of bread with healthy on it, please!

I bake a fresh loaf each week or so, and guess what?  NO more tossing it out, we LOVE it!
A slice of bread with healthy on it, please!-freezer-ready

I will show you how to make several pre-made bags to keep in your freezer for when you’re ready to load ’em in the bread machine for a fresh loaf.  So dust off that bread machine you have tucked away!

Ready for a healthier you on a slice of homemade bread?  Then stay tuned for the first delicious loaf~

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