When I think OR make jam, I think of this guys tune…”jam with the jam jams” and his acoustic sounds!  So naturally, I’m singing and dancing to the tune while makin’ my own jam.  So today we are acoustic jamming on a slice of rustic!acoustic jamming on a slice of rustic-jaeger
Fresh strawberries were the subject @ the GCC kitchen this past week.
acoustic jamming on a slice of rustic-berries
With a stash in the freezer, reserved for later, we still had 6 cups of pureed goodness set aside for jam!
If you’ve never jammed before, I wanted to share some (hopefully helpful) tidbits.  

I’ts not for the faint of heart…or, those that lack multitasking skills.  Once you start, you will be in “fast forward” motion til the end.  If I can tell you anything about jelly or jam other than it being DELICIOSO… well, here’s my own personal advice that might keep you from distress.

  1. Have all your supplies on hand and ready to go
  2. It’s gonna get messy
  3. You don’t have time to be on the phone
  4. No time to check emails/twitter/pinterest/instagram

This is a “full attention to detail” task!


acoustic jamming on a slice of rustic-supplies


  • jar lifting tongs
  • ladle
  • funnel (why you ask)?

It sits perfectly in your canning jars and reduces the wasted jam.  Come on who wants to waste the jams?
You also need two large pots, one very tall one for sterilizing your jars
the other for cooking


Regardless of the preparation you might do, it’still gonna happen.  So my other recommendations… have an old, clean towel to cover your counter top with, make sure to use the right size pot for the amount of jam being prepared.  I recently got new pots n pans and had not made jam in the large stock pot.  Well, guess what? SPILLAGE!
Being an OCD victim, this is a little nerve-wrecking… so look away, and keep jammin’!  Cause it’s totally worth it in the end.  Especially on a slice of rustic!
acoustic jamming on a slice of rustic-jam

*Click strawberry jam for the recipe I used.

Hope this was helpful & has jamotivated you~

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