Did you know it’s national slow cooking month? It REALLY IS all it’s crocked up to be!  GCC is fixin’ to share some super  fab dinners that you are going to love and best thing about it is…

we’ve got a grocery list for you & you just have to throw everything in the crock! That gives you time to run errands, sip on hot tea, or read a book!


Who doesn’t love crock pots?  Totally underrated.  They cook for you–what more do you want?  These electrical goddesses can warm up your soup, cook a stew, they can even sweeten you with a hot cobbler?  Mmm, comfort foods, right?

Oh, yes and make your home smell divine!

The holiday season is always a stressful and a busy time for everyone, we decided to have a couple of weeks of crock pot cooking in the office this past December.  I came up with the menu and shopping list and everyone brought ingredients for the meals.  We enjoyed a hot meal, the cleanup was great, the convenience of not having to pack a lunch each day, was a huge plus!  So this “All it’s crocked up to be” series is dedicated to my up and coming cooking protegé’s… Amanda, Mireya, Nova, & Rosie.  The girls that have discovered a crock pot, it’s uses, and how magical an instant meal can make your day!


What’s not to love about learning how to cook using the versatile crock pot?

Seriously, if you haven’t used your crock pot in awhile…dust it off- cause you want to take part in this.  Below is the grocery list so that you can go and shop for the main ingredients, (others you will have around the kitchen).

The meals will include:  White Chicken Chili, Baked Potatoes, Chicken Spaghetti, Taco Soup, & BBQ for some awesome sandwiches!

All it’s crocked up to be…

The next post will have the first crock pot recipe… the WHITE CHICKEN CHILI (pictured above)!  It’s a great medley of spices along with chicken, white northern beans and fresh cilantro!  YUM!

PRINT this grocery list by clicking on it and let’s get cookin’!


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