Always wanted a Dutch Door-gullycreekcottage-image

Hi guys!  I’m sure you’re probably excited about Thanksgiving in a few days, right?  I am, but I’m also excited about finally getting to share my Dutch door with y’all.  I’ve always wanted a Dutch door.  Always—- like forever—and ever!

So imagine my excitement when the doorway from the dining room into the kitchen didn’t have a door.  A blank canvas, an opening free to do whatever our creative little minds wanted.  I get excited when that’s the case. 

I also knew that the Dutch door would help in keeping our pooch, (Dosee Doh Fifi Fiona) out of the way when we have dining guests.  She loves to hang around the dining room table just in case there’s a chance of crumbs and oops on the floor.  But it also helped in containing the grandson when need be.  Hooray for a wood project–we love those!!!

Since I was removing the butlers pantry door to replace with an antique door.  (You can see what I did HERE!) Now I had an extra door to do whatever with.  Yay, lucky me!

Always wanted a Dutch Door-gullycreekcottage-saw

Boo did this project for me.  So he started by measuring and making sure it would fit in the opening.  Next, was deciding how high I needed it and planning a finished look for it.  In other words, what we wanted the final look to be.  

Always wanted a Dutch door-gullycreekcottage-measuring

He sanded it down and then hung it where we wanted it.  I also wanted a ledge of some sort to not only give it character but so that it would give me an extra hand when carrying items from one room to the other.  A more finished look!

While shopping at the local antique shop, Boo found a beautiful antique piece of wood that looks like it came from a bookshelf of some sort. It was the perfect piece to make the ledge.

Always wanted a Dutch Door-gullycreekcottage-ledge
Always wanted a Dutch Door-gullycreekcottage-ledgelip
Always wanted a Dutch Door-gullycreekcottage-lip

In the picture above, you can see the depth of the lip we left on the ledge.  Boo cut it to fit the way we wanted.  (We had to make sure that there was room to open and close the door without interference and so that no one would be running into it.  

We then decided on how much overhang to leave and screwed it down into the door frame. Followed by some wood wedges underneath for support on the overhang.  

Always wanted a Dutch door-gullycreekcottage-overhang

He then cut two pieces of wood from the access to finish off the top sections on each side of the overhang.  We glued those down and then screwed them for extra support.

Always wanted a Dutch door

Since I now have the Dutch door I always wanted, the only thing left is to find a super cool antique door knob to replace the existing one.  (Still searching for the perfect one!)  If you happen upon a cool one–shoot me a comment ASAP!

Now we have an extra half of door, so gotta get creative unless I can find someone wanting to do a Dutch door themselves!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends and hope you have a beautiful time with your family and friends!  AND, stay tuned to my next post cause if you like food—you’re gonna love my new recipe!