Aside from that being the lyrics to one of King George’s #1 hit, (am I blue- yes, I’m blue), also happens to be the colors I’m drawn to in the summertime.  Hues of blues and greens.

am I blue- yes, I'm blue

I mean, I naturally love the two color combinations and I do happen to love to paint with those two variations of color… (as you can see by my pantry/laundry room door)…


So when I finally finished “un-decorating” the 4th of July decor, I was happy to have found these amazing clay platters on one of my rare occasions of actual “store” shopping.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

am I blue- yes, I'm blue

You might see a chipped platter, I see rustic beauty.  But nonetheless…I snatched three of them to use as chargers for place settings on the counter top bar area. Remember the one I “country-fied” a few months back?


What do you think?  Isn’t that a place setting you want to eat from?



But speaking of blue…have you seen the Pinterest post on cleaning your shower glass using Dawn and vinegar?


Well guess what?  Finally tried it on my scummy glass enclosure and it really worked.  I sprayed it on, left for about 30 minutes, came back, rinsed it off and voila!  I even sprayed it on my little dirty drain cover


and it was so pretty and shiny when I rinsed it off.  I love when something really is as easy as it says it is!  I don’t know who discovered that but it beats using harsh chemicals and being on your hands and knees.

I’d rather use my time wisely and creatively–so look out for my next cool little “diy” post this week, cause you’re gonna love how simple and inexpensive it is!

Oh and speaking of King George (am I blue)…if you live in or near Austin, you might want to mark your calendar for this event in honor of George Strait and his awesome music.


Click HERE for deets!  I’ll be there, hope you can join me, cause it’s gonna be gooooood~


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