the apple experiment-pie-goods

Sharing the apple experiment with y’all along with some apple knowledge in this post.

the apple experiment-pie

Looks amazing right?  A fresh apple pie.

the apple experiment-peel-core-slice

You buy all these wonderful apples at the grocer to make your family an all american apple pie.

the apple experiment-baked-apple-pie

So you carefully wash, peel, slice and layer and layer— beautiful crisp apples into your made from scratch pie crust. Cause you naturally want nothing’ but the best for your family and yourself right?

But you have one little apple left over…

So being the little curious one, you decide to let it sit on your counter-top,


and sit some more…


until you realize that your little apple (in my experiment), has been sitting on your counter-top for 162 days (so far) and aside from the color fading into a dull yellow, the consistency or the firmness has not changed.


Yep.  NO rotted-out spots, NO browning, NO nothing, really.

A couple of years ago I read a report done about Whole Foods and their produce being sold as organic NOT being truly organic. They reported that before apples are actually displayed in their stores, they have been kept in a dark warehouse for about a year— YES, A YEAR= 365 days!!!  But according to this chart below, a fresh apple lasts 2-4 weeks on the shelf.

apple lifex

These apples didn’t come from Whole Foods, but I wanted to conduct my own little experiment. (And I am not solely picking on Whole Foods), I just think that there are so many people out there willing to buy ORGANIC at any cost cause they think they’re buying the best.  All the while, these stores are so misleading.  Our FDA is misleading us to think we are getting the best. I’m pretty positive that our FDA does squat.

Hence, why I will shop at a farmers market ANY day vs the literal FAKES being sold in stores.

We’ve got to stand up for ourselves, read labels, be aware and get informed.

Some knowledge…

Something to think about folks!  Still think you’re buying the best for your family?

the apple experiment-apple-revival

think again~

Support your local farmers market peeps!


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