Here’s GCC’s weekend preview,

& OMG!  After I started posting these, I thought sheesh… everyone’s going to think all I did was eat this weekend!  I actually DIDN’T but I was around some great food!  Being that it was Mother’s Day weekend, my husband likes to take me out to celebrate.  Since we live closer to our son now, we ended up having a lunch date, and well… we all know Austin has some of the most amazing eateries.  A girl just can’t pass that up!  So here are some suggestions for your very own Austin foodie weekend!

We started out with our 2nd attempt at trying the John Mueller Meat Co.  Our previous attempt found us being disappointed after waiting in a very long line for about 40 minutes.  They got to us and said, “that’s all the meat we have for today- we’re sold out.”  🙁

So this time we left a little earlier, stood in line for about 45 minutes AND it was way worth it!  I ♥ beef ribs and those aren’t served up just anywhere.  AMAZING!!!

Austin foodie weekend

The stack up: fair prices, long waits, casual, outdoor seating only, opens 10:30 but lines start to form way before that, limited menu, DELICIOUS!
Austin foodie weekend-mueller 
Austin foodie weekend-best-ribs

Plus– totally worth the wait!

Sunday is my farmers market day!   This time around I stocked up on squash, green tomatoes, purple cabbage, red potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and a salad mix.


After the market shopping, Boo and I met up with our son, where we sat in a breezy arbor lined walkway, visited, enjoyed the live music and indulged on cupcakes from local vendor Skull & Cakebones.  Sascha, the owner was sweet and is the creator of the awesome variety of cupcakes.  Boo had the bing bong (choco w/creamy center), while I relished in the decadent strawberry basil!  S&C’s cupcakes are gluten-free, vegan and wonderful!  Way to go Sascha for making something healthy-delicious and that my husband would actually eat!!!  Wish I had gotten one more for the road.

Austin foodie weekend-cupcake-collage

For a late lunch we trekked a couple of blocks to dine at Sputnik‘s!  Hamburgers, sweet potato fries and great catching up!

The stack up: quiet atmosphere(or at least it was when we were there), casual, fairly priced, walking distance to shops, coffee houses (in case you want dessert), etc., indoor and outdoor seating but limited, they have a few privately owned parking areas but plenty available on neighboring streets, and the burgers – delicious!  

Aside from dining out, I did manage to bake some of my “giant” oatmeal cookies for “MD treats” for the neighbors and one of my g-friends.

Austin foodie weekend-cookies

Austin foodie weekend-gift

Missed my girl and L!  Overall, I had a terrific weekend with great food and superb company.

I hope all of you ladies enjoyed a great Mother’s Day weekend and the rest of you, enjoyed spoiling your momma’s~

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