It’s that time of year, if you have a child in school – more than likely you are  trying to figure out some really neat gift to give their teacher.  Right?  Well, here are some AWESOME teacher appreciation ideas that won’t break the bank, someone will love getting them, and they are precious—or at least I think so!  I was asked to find some cute gifts for some special people.  What do you think?

AWESOME teacher appreciation ideas

Cute?  My daughter gets the credit for the saying on the tag.  Me, I walked around the store for several minutes and then I happened upon these metal graters and thought of how awesome they would look cool filled with treats.

AWESOME teacher appreciation ideas

In this case  mini cokes and giant candy bars!

What you’ll need:


  • graters
  • cardboard
  • packaging tape
  • sharp knife
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • shredded fillers
  • treat to put inside
  • cellophane wrapping
  • tags
  • ribbon

Trace the bottom of grater onto the cardboard and cut 1/2″ outside of those lines, then score (not all the way through) enough to make it easy to bend (but cutting corners off at an angle).  Check to see fit (as shown).


Before taping the bottom to the grater, fill the inside with the goodies…


Now you’re ready to tape the cardboard with packaging tape, turn right side up and fill with the shredded filler.  Wrap in the cellophane, tie ribbon and tag.


Click HERE for the free printable tag!


Easy, simple & adorable!

Now for a few more ideas…

gift a cute hole puncher & cute tag or decorate a  mini clipboard and pair up with some cute coordinating smaller gifts, tie together and there you have it!



If you come across a cool or unusual item and want some ideas, holler- I might be able to offer some free ideas! Now go show your appreciation for someone~

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