It’s honestly back 2 reality guys!  I’ve been in heaven the past week and it’s been hard getting back in the groove after such a wonderful trip!  I was visiting this beautiful little family, my sweet little family!back 2 reality

Who knew that having a toddler around could be so much fun when you’re a grandma?  (A Mimzy in my case.)

It’s been so long since my kids were little and awhile since I’ve been around a little one for this amount of time.  What a blast!!!  But I must say that I admire the many young couples that are working parents and raising little ones.  My hats go off to you!  These two are amazing parents and they work hard, day and night and I was exhausted just studying their schedules.  But a reflection of their hard work is this little man that is so happy and content and a ball of fun!

Here’s sharing some of the fun I had.

back 2 reality

I climbed, crawled, squatted, ran, pushed and every other movement you can imagine.  Sure my body was totally not used to this on a daily routine but it only means I need to get in shape to keep up with him.  I don’t want to miss out on any of it or any of HIM!

back 2 reality

Some of our daily jaunts included playing puzzles, peek-a-boo, walks, feeding and my one day of total bliss…

back 2 reality

Laying in my arms, just like this.  He doesn’t typically let you rock him but on this particular day, when he was tired enough or just curious about his crazy g-ma, he lay as still as could be and let me rock, sing and talk to him as if it’s part of his routine.  I was in HEAVEN!

God has blessed us with such a beautiful little member to our family and we’re so in love.

Back 2 reality

is a difficult thing when you’ve just felt like you’ve been in a wonderfully sweet dream.  Could I have put him in my suitcase and brought back with me?  I so wish.


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