banana pound cake anyone?
100 years ago or so it seems, I was a stay at home momma for my two adorable kids.  We lived in the Houston area, and it was when people actually still subscribed to the newspaper.  We subscribed to the Houston Chronicle two days a week.  Wednesdays, (because of their awesome recipes) in the food section and Sunday’s because of the sale ads.  I used to clip so many of their recipes because after trying several, I was hooked!  The Chronicle food department didn’t mess around and they only printed the best of the best. After many years, I collected quite a nice collection of their “bests”.  Including this one.  Banana pound cake anyone?

banana pound cake anyone?

It is for a fabulously-huge and a wonderful banana pound cake that will have you strolling into the kitchen for seconds and thirds!  When I mean huge- I mean huge!  This pound cake is heavy and rises so high in the pan that you think it’s going to spill over but it doesn’t.


Start with your ripened bananas and if you don’t have fresh buttermilk you can always add 1/2 t. to 1 T. of vinegar to whole milk and it will curd for you.


Let it thicken up and then add the baking soda as stated in the recipe above, before proceeding.


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You’ll have a delicious use for those over ripened bananas and your family will reap the rewards.

Now off to try out some of my old faves as well as new avon products that I just got in the mail.  Don’t you just love wonderful & cute marketing?  Hello beautiful


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