baseball team shoe giveaway-team

baseball team shoe giveaway-team

My sweet girl asked me 2 years ago to paint some Texas Ranger shoes for her, she’s a H U G E fan!  I hadn’t painted in full detail like this in a very long time so I was afraid of making ’em for her, hence the 2 year wait.  But I decided to take ’em on and so here was the outcome of her little prized footwear!  I was actually surprised at how they turned out and she was pretty happy with ’em!  So were many of my twitter, facebook and instagram friends.  So starting today here at GCC we will be doing a  favorite baseball team shoe giveaway that I will custom paint for the winner!

Anyone can participate as long as you follow the guidelines (listed below).  Once the winner is announced, I will touch base with you and you can tell me your favorite baseball team and size of footwear.  We will ship you a custom painted pair of these spiffy little guys!

Baseball team shoe giveaway

baseball team shoe giveaway-pair

baseball team shoe giveaway-canvas-shoes

Here are the details:

  • follow my blog, twitter, instagram or pinterest or all 4 (the more you follow-the more you earn additional entries) *so do this 1st!
  • comment below with why you would like a pair of these nifty foot covers- don’t be shy and be creative!!!  (I ♥ creative people)!
  • if you refer a friend, you get an additional entry (just note their name/site in the comment section)
  • last, fill in the info on  HERE

*The contest is for a pair of women’s shoes and only for U.S. participants!  Please email me or comment below if you have questions prior to entering.

That’s it!  The giveaway will end on May 1st so get going and GOOD LUCK friends!!!