beautifying junk-project-art

Can you see the potential or purpose in these? Today we are beautifying junk, or so that’s what my husband thinks it is.

beautifying junk

“That’s ridiculous, you bought these?  They’re resin they’re not even wood”.

That’s what came out of my husbands mouth when he saw these. You’d think after 35 years he would understand or better yet, trust me. My reply to him was, “you can’t?  AND yes, I can tell the difference between wood and resin, darling, but I plan to beautify these pieces of junk“!

When I went to visit my daughter last spring, I found these at a little shop in town and decided to buy them, because unlike him, I could see beyond the silly plaques.  Not quite sure what their purpose was in their previous life, but I certainly knew what I wanted them for.

So out came the paints, my faithful old blow dryer (did I tell you I’ve had this dryer for over 38 years?  I bought it during high school when I was on the drill team.  I needed a dryer for when we went on the road for the football games)…it has 100 lives, cause it’s been with me for a long time and still works perfectly!


beautifying junk-diy
I started by applying a coat of dark brown paint for accentuated areas.

beautifying junk-project
A closeup after final coat of paint and antiquing.

beautifying junk-wall-plaque
Doesn’t it look just like wood?

Here’s the outcome and it’s new permanent place…above my favorite quote on our dining room wall! (Sorry for the “not so great” photo here!)

beautifying junk-home-decor

beautifying junk-wall

Never underestimate a piece of resin!  There’s beauty in everything – we just need to look for it – Mr. Boo!

beautifying junk-diy-art

I bought 3 of these cute little beauties and have them finished except for the cross or initial.


What you think?


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