What is the perfect snack that we have as a traditional “fall” treat around the GCC homefront? I know it’s not the healthiest but indulging a little every now and then…well, you know!  So why not indulge with the BEST caramel apple EVER?

This fall I bought a bunch of wonderful honey crisp apples and they turned out to be the perfect choice for these salty caramel, drizzled in white choco, pecans & toffee apples.  Want to know how I know they were delicious? The hubster kept repeating “those were voondaba”!

I must admit these were extremely EXTREMELY messy but totally worth the AWESOMENESS once they’re done.  So today I’m sharing Belle’s steps along with a FREE PRINTABLE for you to customize and make for gifting (if you’re the gifting kind).  I’m taking these to share with some of my favorite peeps tomorrow!

Best Caramel Apple Ever


  • honey crisp apples (9 ct.)
  • Kraft caramel bites
  • toffee pieces
  • chopped pecans
  • white chocolate morsels
  • sea salt (coarse)
  • sticks

Wash and dry your apples, remove the stem and insert the sticks. Line a tray or cookie sheet with waxed paper.  Set up your toppings in small containers and keep them near your prep area.


In a small saucepan melt 1 1/2 packages of the caramel bites with 3 T. water on medium heat.  Turn to low once completely melted.  In a small micowaveable bowl, melt the white choco morsels and pour into a squirtable bottle (as shown).  *In the future I will probably keep it in a very hot water container til ready to use…want to take a guess why?


LOL!  Yep, I kept reheating mine and I tried to squeeze it out- I heard a POP! I screamed and my husband died laughing and I had forced a hole on the side of the bottle and once I opened it–the choco had hardened from too many heatings!  Glad I didn’t shoot anyone’s eye out!  Holy Moly!!!

Anyway…back to the steps.  Once everything is ready, grab your apples and dip in caramel, using a spoon to pour on each side to cover completely.  (On my silicone mat, I sprinkled a combo of the toppings)—dip the caramel covered apples into this mixture . Place them on the wax lined sheet, then drizzle away with white choco, sprinkle more toppings and store in fridge until hardened.

Best Caramel Apple Ever

NOW…we’re ready for the cute little custom tag!

I LOVE free PRINTABLES!  Don’t you?

A few nights ago when I had idle hands (and I’d rather make something cool instead of getting into trouble), I came up with this cute Halloween tag.

Now you can click HERE or on the picture above and print your own tags on cardstock, and attach to each apple for gifting!


Tie with some cute ribbon or twine and you’re good to go!


Happy Halloween & I sure hope some of you enjoy the free tags~


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