I’m anxiously starting Spring with some closet favorites that fit into my BOHO Chic (closet) fashion week.  And I’ll admit that I’m a gypsy wanna be, a hippie at heart, a bohemian chick that caves at bright colors, big sleeves, lace, fringe, and layers upon layers of bracelets.  Pretty sure in a previous life, I was all of the above.  PRETTY SURE!!!  But what is boho chic?  Let me tell ya!

What is Boho Chic?

  • Many patterns: floral and avant-garde-style accents, as well as checks and ethnic-inspired prints.
  • Pairing those fun patterns with relatively neutral items for a balanced outfit as to not stand out too much!  (honestly, at my age, I don’t really care!). STAND OUT gosh darn it!
  • Accessories out of Leather, metals, stones, shells, fringe, cottons and wools are highly acceptable.
  • Ethnic-inspired pieces are particularly suitable.
  • Footwear: Shoes in natural shades and fabrics. Ballet flats and ethnic-inspired sandals (i.e. Greek, Roman, or African) are the generally accepted staples of Boho Chic. For cooler weather, you can wear cowboy boots, ankle boots with thick heels, or high ‘70s-inspired boots. Leather and suede are the preferred fabrics for shoes; in natural shades such as beige, tan, and brown.
  • Head gear:  Hats! Fedoras and floppy, wide-brimmed hats are popular in Boho Chic, as are crocheted ones.  Floral headbands and other types of head pieces that include braided headbands and chain tiaras.  Tying scarves or bandanas around your hair or wearing them as headbands are also fabulous touches.
  • Sunglasses: Vintage-style baby! Big sunglasses in varying shapes are key elements of Boho Chic. Anything big and vintage-looking will do — choose what looks best on your face!

Here’s some closet finds that I paired up for some Boho Chic fun for the week.  A peek at my closet inspiration board.

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-pinBoho Chic (closet) Fashion Week

Outfits and accessories shown here are from my closet collection with the exception of the footwear.  Most of my Spring/Summer footwear is still in storage, so it was easier for me to link some pairs similar to what I typically will wear with these outfits.  You can find those details below.  If you have a bohemian/gypsy side- I hope you’re inspired!

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-1-outfit

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-2

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-3

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-4

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-5

ACCESSORIES:  (All part of my collection)

Boho Chic (closet) Fashion Week-accessories

FOOTWEAR: Shop the look!  Click on each picture for details!

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