Have you visited the Habitat Re-store in your area?  If that’s a no, you should!  I love that they recycle items and resell them… it’s a win-win!  But my favorite store so far is the one in Mesquite, Texas.  It is highly organized, clean and well-managed. It helps with my ocd-ness, (pretty sure that’s not a word)!  But, I no longer live near that one so I decided a few weeks ago to visit the one in Austin.  While it’s not like the store in Mesquite at all, I did see many things that I can use for projects.  One of them being the huge collection of cabinet doors!  All varieties and all sizes.  The visit there, helped me figure out the craft project my girlfriends and I could make on our next getaway trip.  A cabinet door diy!

So what can you do with old cabinet doors?  Chalkboard? Serving/table tray?  YES!

That is exactly what we worked on.  It was a fun and inexpensive project.  Take a peek…

Chalk n hanging board ~

cabinet door die-wall-hangers

Tray ~

cabinet door diy-tray

Cabinet door diy How To~

Project steps for the CHALK-HANGING BOARDS are:  Your color choice mixed in to make chalk paint for the main board color.  Chalkboard paint (not to be confused with chalk paint), applied on the center section.  Dry completely before applying the antiquing medium on outer areas only, allow to dry again and then apply rubbing wax paste on with a dry cloth.  Drill holes for knobs and chalk holder bracket.  (I bought a variety of knobs on sale at Hobby Lobby!)

cabinet door diy-collage

Project steps for the TRAY consisted of the following:  2 color choices (one for main base and second for the center section).  Dry completely before applying the antiquing medium in certain spots, allow to dry again and then apply rubbing wax paste on with a dry cloth, (I used an old-clean sock, and it was super easy).  Dry completely and then screw the 2 drawer pulls on each side and that was that!

cabinet door diy-tray-home-decor

We repurposed old cabinet doors and now the girlfriends have these awesome chalk hanging boards and I have a beautiful serving tray!

Go check out and support your local Habitat Re-store.  Get creative~

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