celebrating the big 30-bread

This weekend we got to see the kids and had a blast celebrating the BIG 30, my son’s birthday!  Jacob lives only a few minutes away but it’s sometimes difficult to work times out for celebrations, visits, or just hanging.  We love when we can connect and finally catch up.  We couldn’t miss this big day!

celebrating the big 30-bub

His girlfriend hosted the dinner, she is an amazing cook!  Jackie prepared the whole meal and everything was absolutely wonderful.  This was our first time to enjoy forbidden rice and I’m in love!  The herbed salmon was so tasty and just melted in your mouth.

Celebrating the BIG 30!

the MENU:

  • Spinach-Kale Soup
  • Herbed Salmon
  • Greens
  • Forbidden Rice
  • Artisan Bread

celebrating the big 30-salmon

celebrating the big 30-bread

Jackie invited the parentals and several of their closest friends to join in the celebration. Fun times, good food, wonderful memories.

This is her little indoor herb garden that she keeps close and easily accessible for her cooking.  She also has an amazing green thumb and has a larger garden and herbs in the back yard.

celebrating the BIG 30-herbs

My contribution for the meal were the homemade carrot cake cupcakes.  His favorite!

celebrating the BIG 30-cupcakes

We had a beautiful, fun evening.  The meal was amazing and it was wonderful having time to spend together – Happy birthday bud!!!

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