If you’re a faithful follower here you know that there aren’t many things I’m not a big fan of when it comes to food, and you also know that one of the items that falls in that “not much like” category is chocolate.  So imagine my surprise when I asked a friend what kind of dessert she would like for me to make her for her birthday and she says, “choco flan”.  First off, this crazy Latina  had never heard of it, secondly you’re thinking “she must be living in a cave to not know what that is”, then I’m thinking…chocolate-really?  Of all things.

Then she says, “it’s the only thing I asked my family for last year and I didn’t get it”, ahh man!  Now I just had to figure that one out cause the guilt trip worked.  That night I got on my computer and researched choco flan and it was ALL over the place.  How difficult can it be???  Here’s the result for ye choco lovers…

for ye choco lovers

I came upon two recipes that I thought would work and I ended up combining them. One:  I didn’t have the time to do the cake batter from scratch (so I chose this new DH flavor)


Two: I went with my gut feeling on the complexity of the recipes.

I also have to tell you that I hardly ever like making anything chocolate because I can’t tell you if it’s any good cause it’s highLY likely that I didn’t try it, (especially after being nauseated by smelling it bake).  What if it’s crappy tasting?  But enough of that!  If you want to try it, grab my revised recipe HERE.  It actually wasn’t difficult and most importantly– it got rave reviews.

More pics–


for ye choco lovers

for ye choco lovers

Even my biggest critic-Boo, liked it!

I was so excited about this one!  Hardest part was having to wait til the next day to get the thumbs up.

If you’re a choco lover and into flan…then this is a gotta try for ya!


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