What is cuter than a CLUTCH purse and why  do we love ’em so much?  If you’re a man, you’ll undoubtedly think of a car part and be totally confused with the question. For me, everything I can tell you that I love about ’em, ironically begins with a “C”!  Their “Classy”, “Chic”, “Compact” & “Cute”!  Ask any lady with a sense of style and she’ll want to go into detail.  But I want to share this easy clutch diy with y’all!  It’s just a fun little project.


A few days ago I had to go to the craft store to shop for a much-needed frame, (and as my husband can tell you), anytime this girl is loose in a hardware or craft store, she’ll be leaving with more than what she went in to buy.  I can’t help it. I mean, don’t even try to have a conversation with me while I’m in either store – chances are, I won’t know what the heck your sayin’!  My mind is busy processing and gathering inspiration. Hence, why I ended up coming home with these supplies.  Some cute stuff, like this adorable little balsa wood box.

Clutch diy-supplies

The churning of the wheels had me load these items in my basket (along with the frame), and I came home to work on an easy diy!

Clear the workspace people!  Grab your paint, brushes, mod podge, scissors, and get ready!  You’ll be wanting to create your very own – one of a kindCLUTCH!

Clutch diy

Clutch diy-pin

Clutch diy-purse

Clutch diy-open-view

Clutch diy-side-view

Clutch diy-full-view

The inside compartment has enough room for the important things ladies—-lipstick, pen, pad, phone, keys & $!  I am in ♥ with the way it turned out!!!

Clutch diy-ready

Fashionably chic!  What do you think?

PS-the 2 scrapbook papers color combos are great aren’t they?
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