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Ever wake up on a Saturday morning wanting something different, warm and tasty for breakfast or brunch.  Then a couple of hours later, you find that you pulled out the mixer, food processor, several ingredients and have a sink full of dirty dishes and by the time whatever it was you were baking/cooking, you’re really not into anymore?  Well that wasn’t THAT kind of morning.  Although the thought did cross my mind.  Baking some hot scones of some sort.  And then the thought of the sink full and yada yada… So instead, I reached for one of my favorite tea bags and some toast.

Earlier in the week however, I did make some non-traditional crumpets with a twist… amazing buttery creme filling with a hint of strawberry.  

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I tucked ’em into these cuties and took them to the office to share with my lovey’s, being that it was Valentine’s day week and all.  You know, a special treat for special peeps! 

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They are most delicious with a cup of coffee or hot tea!  One of the girls admitted she loves dunkin’ anything sweet in her cup of hot coffee.   Speaking of coffee…coffee, tea, crumpets-coffee

Faro brulerie sent me two different k-cup coffees to try out.  I quickly turned around and took it to the office to get the opinion of many vs one.  They were quick to say that they love the convenience of the k-cup, (who doesn’t!), and the flavors were much-much stronger than American coffees. They went fast as you can see above and those that love stronger coffees seemed to like this more than the ones that like the weaker- homogenized coffees.  That’s the thing about anything with me.  I venture out and try different things, I don’t just cling to the true and tried without expanding my options.  I know I love Republic of Tea brand but I’m always willing to try a new flavor.  Especially if it’s something warm on a cold morning and you have crumpets to pair with it!

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OR if you have cute mugs like these…

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