We’re doing some girly-girl talk right now, cause every girl needs color & moisture, and I’m here to post about just that!  

Living in cooler, drier climate areas calls for EXTRA skin nutrients and moisturizing, (especially if you already have dry skin).  I have to admit that I do good at taking care of my face and lips but when it comes to moisturizing other areas, like my hands and feet…I’m the worst!  That’s all about to change because I’m now a resident of drier and cooler climate, and although it’s early Fall, I’m already seeing an affect on my skin.  So I’m taking precautions ASAP!  

As I’ve mentioned before, water is your best friend.  Aside of hydrating you when you’re thirsty, it hydrates your skin and provides some help to your skin but that alone won’t do it.  Some things that I have found over the years to help moisturize better than regular lotions at the drugstore, (and are some of my favorites) are: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil & cocoa butter.  Each of these oil and butter have high amounts of moisturizing power and if used regularly are going to give you more supple and soft skin.Color & moisture

On my search for skin care regimens and products, I found this new company that, well let me just say, I love everything about them!  

Their product and their mission!  Color the World is a very creative, (charity based) new company that makes these amazing lipsticks that I am all about right now!  Not only do they have darn cute wrappers, they donate to wonderful causes and their products are VEGAN!!

Color & moisture

They offer fantastic shades but most importantly—they feel terrific. I’m an (apply lip balm three or four times a day when I’m in – no makeup mode) cause my lips are always dry.

color & moisture

Since getting these, I keep reaching for them even on makeup days when I tend to wear a deeper color shade on my lips.  All are awesome but my favorite is GNO!

Girls- you gotta try these. I’m in love and they’re a great way to take care of those smackers!  Remember…color & moisture all in one!

Now for the rest of our body parts!!!

color & moisture

Let’s try coconut oil but not just any coconut oil.  How about the fractionated kind.  Fractionated coconut oil is simply coconut oil that has been processed into a liquid form making it easier to blend or apply.  I was asked to review SIMPLY COCO and this is what I love and want to share about it…

  1. it’s odorless (a bonus especially for blending)
  2. glides on but immediately penetrates into your skin to provide you with much needed moisture and nourishing
  3. great for face, arms, legs, nails, and hair

color & moisture

My coconut oil uses:

  1. Blend some with my conditioner when I shampoo and condition my hair
  2. Apply directly onto scalp and hair, once a month.  Leave in for about 4 hours and then shampoo & dry
  3. Apply all over after a shower and then on my hands throughout the day
  4. Apply on my lips at bedtime
  5. Blend with frankincense and lavender essential oils and apply on chest and neck at bedtime (helps me sleep and helps if you’re having sinus or cold issues)

color & moisture 

Color & moisture!

There!  I’ve shown you two of my favorites to color & moisture all in one post.  Give ’em a shot and stop back in for my next post on mini things!!!

(No compensation was received for the products that I post a review on.  They are offered to GCC for free in exchange for honest feedback reviews)


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