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At Gully Creek Cottage we seem to be ready for the holidays.  You’d think that when you walk in because of the  gingerbread houses, Christmas decor galore and a hot cocoa bar, what could be missing?  With this post I’m sharing my “lazy wassail”…a tea I came up with for our Holiday Tour of Homes because I thought I’d try something different.  Perfectly – perfect for your holiday gathering… Comfort and Joy (holiday tea) was the accidental beverage that hits the spot.  It’s definitely comforting, especially on the cold days we’ve been having.

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)-gullycreekcottage-beverage

So how the heck did this happen, you ask?  We all have holiday traditions right?, (or at least I think everyone does).  For me, my Christmas memories include some fun tradition that always takes me back to when I was growing up.  My mom always set aside Christmas Eve for “tamale day”!  Us, Perez girls would be immersed in tamales, Christmas carols and lots of taste testing on that super busy day.  Later when we were young momma’s- kids ran amok while we slaved over the tamales, (not sure where all the dads were). It’s a day I miss more than any other of my childhood.  When I discovered wassail back in the early 80’s I started making it every Christmas and have ever since.  I would even take all the ingredients to moms and later in the evening, after showers, naps or last minute shopping, we would meet back at her place for dinner.  We’d try out those delicious tamales and enjoy some hot wassail, sang more carols and just enjoyed being together.  The best of Christmas memories!

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)-gullycreekcottage-hot

When I make wassail for the holidays, it’s been taken to mom’s, work parties, to the office for everyone to enjoy and for social gatherings.  This year I saw the many options of holiday teas at Republic of Teas and decided on “comfort and joy” when I got one of their samples. YUM!  I’m a HUGE tea drinker.  This tea is amazing, even just smelling the container is amazing.  It reminded me a lot of my wassail recipe so I tweaked it and came up with a very soothing, cinnamon-y, delicious hot tea.

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)-gullycreekcottage-ingredients

Sugar 2.0 was awesome enough to send me a huge (year supply) of their probiotic sugar to test out in return for feedback.  It was perfect in this recipe.   The ingredients for my tea: Teabags, cinnamon red hots, apple cider & sugar (regular table sugar will do as well).

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)-gullycreekcottage-hots

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)


  • 8 teabags (Republic of Tea) Comfort & Joy
  • 4 c. Water
  • 5 cups apple cider
  • 1/2 c. Cinnamon Red hot (candy)
  • 1/4 - 1/2 c. Sugar
  • Optional- orange slices & cinnamon sticks (2ct)


  1. Brew the tea in 3 cups of water till boiling.
  2. Cover to steep for 10-12 minutes.
  3. Pour tea and remaining ingredients into a crock pot and simmer on low.
  4. (This is when I add the orange slices & cinnamon sticks.)
  5. *Stir occasionally until candy is melted.
  6. Pour and enjoy!

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)

I’ve seriously made this daily since I made it for our TOH!   This Comfort and Joy (holiday tea) just had to be shared.  Enjoy the recipe … I think it will become a favorite for you as well.

COMFORT and JOY (holiday tea)-gullycreekcottage-beverage

May your holiday be perfect, your gatherings festive, and joyful holiday traditions continue~

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