I had an idea that I had several cookie cutters but then when I started opening the collection bins…I found the cookie cutter madness collection!

Cookie cutter madness-collection

What do you do with an un-Godly amount of cookie cutters?  Well,  go buy a new one but this time,

Cookie cutter madness-texas

a Longhorn one, to pair with your vintage TEXAS one…of course!

Here’s the thing.  In my younger- more energetic years when my kids were small, and I tried my best to be a super-mom with super powers and stayed up late into the night in order to make personalized sugar cookies for their class parties, birthday’s, holidays, venture trips, you name it.  (And, as you can see by my cookie cutter collection), I did make sugar cookies, very-very often.  Then years went by and I stopped making those little cute cookies but I wouldn’t dare get rid of the collection because in the back of my mind I could here a little voice saying, “Mother, you better not get rid of those like you did our Halloween costumes!”  So, here they are.  (Funny thing, my daughter’s forte is not in baking cookies), but nonetheless here they reside in two large containers, filled to the brink and hopelessly waiting to be used.

So one day, while on a rare store shopping trip, I’m at a local kitchen store where I spot a longhorn shaped cutter.  I snatched it in hopes of one day having the energy to bake and ice cookies again, especially since our niece would be starting @ UT Austin soon.  That day was this weekend.

Cookie cutter madness-ingredients

Cookie cutter madness-flour

Cookie cutter madness-cookies

Cookie cutter madness-stacked

I had forgotten how wonderfully- buttery and tasty these cookies are.  I started reminiscing about all those times I spent perfecting them and making them when my kids were young and how they enjoyed helping, cutting and eating them.  If only kids stayed young—-

Cookie cutter madness-longhorn

Anyhow, we picked up our niece for lunch and to talk about her first week of college.  We headed downtown to Gus’s.

Cookie cutter madness-austin

Then big hugs and a special treat for a special UT kiddo!  Go Longhorn’s!  Hoping she enjoys the cookies as much as I remember people liking them.  (Luv ya Ang & do good!)

Cookie cutter madness-gcc

Work’s been takin’ over my life and I’ve got lots to post about, so stay tuned~


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