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Meal prep sure becomes easier when you have the right cooking tools!  Right?  Such is the case when you are trying to make a meal with the most tender cuts of meat.  But sometimes you’re just in too much of a hurry to ask your butcher to run each piece through the tenderizer.  So you resort to doing it at home.
I was asked to review this CAVE TOOL meat tenderizing mallet.  Awesome cooking tool!  And it’s one you can’t live without!
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And I was more than happy to try it out, but even happier when I received it and was able to make a comparison to my old mallet.
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I’ve had this one for over 30 years and if you’re like me and you own one…you don’t just use it for meats.  Right?  I’ve used mine to put dings in wood and furniture to make it look more rustic, to hammer shut hard to replace lids on metal cans, etc.  So, realistically, they’re a pretty handy tool to have in your kitchen.
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When we tested this product on chicken and beef, it performed better than we expected and the meat in both cases, was perfectly tender and not shredded to bits.
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Cooking tools you shouldn’t live without

  • The weight is perfectly balanced in your hand, especially with the rubber hand grip.
  • The tenderizing side is not too spiked as to cause too many tears in your meats, (a problem I had with my old mallet).
  • The opposite side is a smooth surface that helps in cracking nuts in hard shells or many other possibilities!
I love when I find a new tool that I can honestly enjoy using and this one, certainly doesn’t fall short of having many uses as well as working like it should!  Thank you CAVE TOOLS for a great product and the opportunity to help try this out.  My days in the kitchen just got easier!
(You too can make your kitchen cooking tool collection more efficient by getting your own Cave Tool!)
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Disclosure:  I received a Cave Tool Meat Tenderizer Mallet tool for free in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own. 
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