Grilling in December??? I’m being told that this weather is very uncommon for this time of year.  It has been B E A U T I F U L outside!!!  Sunny days and temps in the 50’s!  To me, that’s ideal and it’s a great time to take advantage of the grill and have yourself some cookouts!  Pretty sure some of our new neighbors probably think, these Texas peeps are crazy, but give us sunshine and cool evenings and it’s time for the barbie!  This  particular cookout was made sweeter by using our new grilling set from Cavetools!

(“we received a free product in exchange for our honest review.”)



  • This set is a heavy duty set, yet perfectly light weight and easy to use.  
  • Clean up was super easy!
  • The super large spatula was perfect for  flipping the hamburger patties but as a bonus you have a serrated edge that helps with glide on the grill while helping flip.  Then you have a bottle opener molded in the middle.  Pretty awesome huh?
  • We loved the tongs vs our old tongs.  We loved that the new tongs cradle the meat, they have a better grip and juices don’t run out of meats because of the easy cradling design!cookouts


  • Wish the set included a basting brush/sauce mop for  applying sauces!


are a whole lot easier when you have the right tools, and this sets perfect!


If you’re having perfect grilling weather, get out there, have a barbecue, and take advantage as well as taking advantage of this set!


You can purchase it at AMAZON  or the company site CAVETOOLS!   And if you purchase now for yourself or as a Christmas gift, enter this code GRILLSET15 for a 15% discount.

Stay tuned for my next post where I share my super cool “wood find“!!!  Have a great one~


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