So life happens.  And I do not like colorless, lifeless hair.  I’ve neglected my hair the last few years in that I haven’t seen a hairstylist for awile.  Mainly due to time and moving around and not wanting to go out in search of a new person that will do what I want.  My hair has gotten super long and I’ve nipped it here and there.  What else have I been doing?  Cutting and coloring it myself—yikes!  Yes, hair coloring at home and covering my shades of gray myself.

I love shiny, glossy and dark hair but the last few years my gray has been winning.  My son asked me a few years ago, when I would stop coloring my hair- he loves natural!  I told him whatever came first…55 or a grandbaby.  Well, we revisited the convo because I reached 55 and our daughter had told us she was expecting. LOL

But he told me he really didn’t care what I did- whew!  So on with covering my shades of gray.

That is until esalon and I met.  I read all the wonderful reviews before jumping in and trying their product.  Ladies, I’m here to give you a great referral on this stuff.  They customize your color based on your responses and you can even send them a picture of your hair for better customization.  Typically a “do it yourself” coloring lasts about 4 weeks and starts to immediately fade and doesn’t completely cover the gray.  Right?  One box typically doesn’t cover my entire head of hair either.  AND, the price is right–actually pretty reasonable!

I waited to respond to their inquiries because I wanted to see what my hair would look like after the 4th wash.
covering my shades of gray

Still shiny, great coverage and it blended into my entire head of hair!  Shocker!!!

Sorry for the dumb selfies but I wanted to show you some different angles of the coverage.


I have very thick hair.  This product has covered even the most stubborn grays and has lasted.  Like I said, the price is VERY reasonable and for these results, I will definitely keep using this coloring system.

covering my shades of gray

Yes, some day I will go natural, but until I am ready to face that big challenge…I’ve found a great new product with great coverage for every shade of gray I have earned.  AND, don’t look so closely at my split ends~


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