HELLO friends!  Jeepers we’ve been busy – busy ’round here!  Lots has been happening along at the new place.  With many DIY’s, painting, decorating and more.   But this post has to do with a free printable to help get your pantry pretty.  How about some cute font pantry labels – let’s get organized. You in?

Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-brownsugar

There’s certain things that have to be just so.  My kitchen items.  Having designated areas for baking items, lots of storage, and the space to go crazy in the kitchen is a must so this kitchen is getting a little renovating.  I can’t wait to share the “AFTER” pictures with you.  Although I’m nowhere near the end and there’s still lots to do but I know I’ll be happy with the changes.

Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-demo

Every time my husband goes in there to grab something he’s so confused as to where things are.  I literally just threw things in drawers and cabinets when we moved in because I knew the renovating would take place and everything would eventually have a permanent place.  Right now, it’s just total disarray!

However, baking ingredients NEED to be highly visible and accessible for me! So I designed these cool labels to go on any cute jar you might want to use!

Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-labelvinyl

My ingredients might be totally different from what you typically keep in your pantry, but these are my “have to have in stock”!  Crumbs? Yes, short for cracker crumbs, grits (yes, a southern girl here), and soup base.  The neat thing is you can print the sheet and use the ones that will go with your pantry items!  Easy.

Cute font pantry labels- let’s get organized

I have a Cricut which makes labeling with super cute fonts and different color options super easy.  But you don’t have to have a Cricut to make these. Just a printer and these clear printable sheets.  Download the template below and you’re set for cute jar overload and an organized pantry!

There’s several labels which include oats, raisins, cocoa, oats, powdered sugar, brown sugar, flour and sugar.  It’s typically what I have in stock in my pantry for almost any recipe.  (Ingredients for baking anything delicious.)

Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-peel
Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-sugar
Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-wheat
Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-jars
Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-salt
Cute font pantry labels- let's get organized-gullycreekcottage-final

Since I’m trying to play catch up on my posts, this weekend I will have back to back posts!

Stay tuned.

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