Easter gift tags

The Easter printable I promised, two varieties of some Easter gift tags that you can print on cardstock, cut, & attach to a cute gift!
Easter gift tags


I used to love Easter as a child and when my kiddos were small.  Kinda like Christmas, Easter to me just isn’t as fun when you don’t have little ones running amok! Right?

One of my favorite Easter memories were making cascarones (confetti eggs), with my sisters.  My mom for months, would start carefully shaking out the contents of each egg through a tiny hole so that we could wash, color, and fill each one.
Easter gift tags

Of course, today you can run to HEB and get a dozen already made but trust me… you won’t be making any wonderful memories like ours unless you’ve payed your cascarone dues in a family as large as mine!  OH NO ma’am!

We did the full-blown coloring of each egg with Crayola crayons til we ran out of design ideas and then it was just scribbles and wavy lines.  Then we made our own confetti from colored construction paper.  Sheesh!!!
Easter gift tags

The sores we’d have from the scissors and then cutting tiny squares and circles of colored tissue paper to cover each one in.  Aye-aye-aye!!!  We made hundreds of them!!!  No Joke!  We had to, we’re a big family.

Looking back now, I consider myself a pretty lazy person in comparison to the initial effort and work it would take to do anything creative growing up. Now it’s buy it or run to Hobby Lobby and have so many options at your disposal that will make craft making so much easier.  But I’m old-school and still think the more creative and hands on you can make something out of, the better!  I have my momma to thank for allowing us to watch and learn from the best.

After we had ‘em finished, we would help momma with cooking or shopping so that on Easter we could pack up the cars and head to the park for our Easter egg hunt, bbq, and cascarone fights.  (If you’re Latina, you know what I’m talking about!)  We then literally spent the entire day at the park, eating, playing and making precious memories!

I haven’t made those cascarones since my kiddos were little but hopefully I’ll get to help my daughter with the tradition for her little wolf pack down the road!

The best memories I remember with my own kids were coloring the eggs and then the bunny cake we used to make together.
Easter gift tags

And everyone got an Easter basket.  Even the spouse!  His favorite was a giant chocolate bunny.

That was the inspiration for these cute Easter gift tags that have both the colored eggs and a chocolate bunny on them!
Easter gift tag

Here are some pictures so that you can get an idea of what they will look like.  I used the longer “to/from” tag as a topper for a clear 4 x 6 cellophane bag.
Easter gift tags

Tie the other one onto whatever gift you want to give.  I found this cute ceramic fruit basket at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2 and placed one of my homemade jellies in it. A little baker’s twine to tie it all together!
Easter gift tags

Print them on cardstock using the following templates.  Just CLICK on the one you want below:


Easter gift tags & memories

Another idea is to fill some plastic eggs with some cute fillers like this one I found on Pinterest.

There you have it…get creative & get going~  Happy Easter!

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