I’ve had many friends who think they have absolutely no creative talent whatsoever.  My job is to prove to them that they CAN in fact do something creative.  It’s rewarding yet proves the point that in each of us, lies a hidden talent that may be untapped.  Let’s talk about some easy paint craft ideas and how easy it is to play with paint and more.

Friend workshops aka fun get togethers

Crafting, painting, using power tools and being creative are second nature to me. My mind usually just runs with ideas all of the time.  For years I have had friend workshops where we gather to work on fun projects.  There are so many people out there that have never used a power tool or a paintbrush, much less sand paper or a hammer.  

At these events, one of the things I like to stress at these workshops is that ANYONE can do something creative.  It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you make it your own! 

Easy paint craft ideas

If you want to be ready with a cute handmade gift for someone, buy a 1×12 piece of wood and cut it into 9″ lengths.  Stain the outer edges (using painters tape as a guide, then paint a white surface.  Now you have several blank canvases to create some really cute signs!  Here are a couple of examples of ones I recently did for some giveaways and gifts!

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-signs

If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you can stencil or you can paint them.  There are endless ways to do something wonderful on a piece of wood!

I even save pieces of wood from other projects.  Like this piece.  A hand-me-down piece that we had when we first got married.  I took it apart to use the main table top for a project and set this piece and the legs aside for other projects.  I used it here to make a sign for our bedroom wall.  (Fave lyrics from a  Willie recording!)

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-oldwood

Paint with paper

A  fun thing I like to do is use pretty printed scrapbook paper to decorate projects.  Like I did HERE and below. I used I to line the drawer and sides.  

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-paper

A $15 furniture piece that I snatched it up from my neighbor.

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-nightstand

After removing the front door (to expose the shelves),  I gave it a new coat of paint,  stained the shelves and trim work.

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-after

Next step was decoupaging  the inside and outside of the drawer with the scrapbook paper after two coats of paint, followed by replacing the old wood drawer pull with a ceramic one.  

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-drawer


A very inexpensive way to give a totally new and updated look to an old piece!  This overhaul cost me nothing as I had all the supplies on hand—just the $15 for the nightstand!

Easy paint craft ideas-gullycreekcottage-knob

See how fun it is?  Easy paint craft ideas is to make something really cool!  It doesn’t require a lot of effort.  Just a little creativity, a few supplies, and a whole lot of fun!

The reason why my friend sent me these a few months ago. 

Making good use of my time!!!  Inspiring my friends to become crafty- that’s my job here…lol ❤︎

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