fall brunch

hi guys- ever hosted a FALL BRUNCH?  Cause life is too short to pass up doing it or going to one!

fall brunch

My daughter and I hosted a brunch for some long time, dear, friends that were going to be in town.  We had such a blast!  The rainy, cold, day didn’t keep them from coming and it gave for more of a “Fall” feel than anything!

A Brunch doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate.  Something I’ve found over the years, is that it’s most fun to spend time with those who mean something to you.  The food and preparation are just details.

We had a simple menu with delicious food and drinks.

fall brunch


My rule of thumb for a  fall BRUNCH menu is:

  1. a sweet (like a bread pudding)
  2. a salty (like a breakfast casserole)
  3. something healthy (like fruits or veggies)
  4. two cheery drink options (alcoholic drink -mimosa’s are lovely & a non-alcoholic option)

CLICK LINK for full recipes~brunch recipes

My rule of thumb for a successful fall BRUNCH:

  1. don’t stress
  2. find dishes that can be done ahead of time
  3. invite fabulous people
  4. have someone take pictures (cause you won’t have time)
  5. make or buy some cute mementos to give as brunch favors
  6. Have FUN!

fall brunch

The favors were personalized cotton dishtowels that included the event name and the year!

Remember simple and fun!  The main thing here is to spend a great time with loved ones.

fall brunch

Now start to planning on your next brunch!


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