FALLing in love with

Where to begin when talking about my favorite season! This will be the first of many “falls” that I plan to enjoy the way one should enjoy this time of year.  With an abundance of pumpkins, leaves in all the fall colors, apples, gourds, football, cider, crisp air–well, I’m hoping it will soon change in that department.  But you get my jest!  FALL– ing in love with this time of year in the Midwest vs what falls I’ve been accustomed to in Texas. I’m looking forward to it all!!!

FALLing in love with

But let’s be honest!  I don’t mind sharing that I’m a little hesitant of what’s in store for me with my first true winter.  I love cool weather but I’m not accustomed to being shut in.  Winters in Texas took me outdoors to cut wood, paint, sand, etc.  The only time I could really enjoy the outdoors back home ?!

So, I’m making notes of projects that will keep me from losing my mind while indoors. For starters, hubs and I picked up my first of many pieces that I plan to restore during those winter months.

FALLing in love with

Beautiful character don’t you think?

But let’s just say that I haven’t had any trouble staying busy lately.

With the kids living two blocks away we’ve been able to have dinner together several nights during the week. Then there’s been the apple, pear picking,

pumpkin, gourd & mum, shopping,

FALLing in love with

wagon pulling walks,

airplane rides, and apple & pumpkin muffin baking. BUSY just the way I like it!

Plus some in between “me ” time to finally getting around to re-painting  our dining room table!

FALLing in love with

That’s  a peek at my current occupation which involves enjoying quiet, non-rushed morning tea on the screened in porch, homemade lunches, afternoon and evening front porch rocking, and fun filled days doing anything and everything fun with the littles. Fabulous fun but not just cause it’s Fall!

Check back soon for a great new recipe for a wildly delicious-quick dish!  Happy FALL-ing in love with pumpkin spice, leaves, cider, and that beautiful feeling in the air!


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