Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-pin

Oh guys—ya’ll gonna be lovin’ this cute little project that costs next to nothing! It’s the perfect touch for your Fall decor!  A fall pumpkin tile DIY—a little Saturday inspiration.

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-craft


I’ve had these antique ceiling tiles for quite some time.  They’re in my stash for rainy day projects. I also have an abundance of scrapbook paper in all kinds of patterns and designs.  This project literally cost nothing as I had all the supplies on hand.  And I wanted a cute crafted pumpkin-somethin’!

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-supplies

  • ceiling tile (mine is 24×24″) or you can even do it on canvas (just paint before proceeding)
  • scrapbook paper (8 different patterns) – stem, 2 different leaves, curly stems, outer pumpkin, pumpkin base, 2 patterns for center strips
  • border scissors
  • Elmers glue
  • foam brush
  • cricut and vinyl
  • permanent marker (optional)
  • craft sealant

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-tile

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY~

I applied two coats of craft sealant on the entire tile after I cleaned it, to make sure we don’t get paint peelings wherever this will be displayed.  While that dried, I cut (free handed) the scrapbook paper.  See my diagram here for paper cutting!

*Using a pair of decorative border scissors (ones that make a cute cut on the edges), trim all the outer edges for the pumpkin and leaves, as shown in the attachment!  

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-cutting

Then cut your large stem with regular scissors.  Eye-ball it and make sure yours will fit your space. Set aside while you mix up your Elmers glue to make your own decoupaging paste.  

Decoupaging paste: 1/4 c. water + 1/4 c. Elmer’s glue

Spread glue on front & back as you work.  Start with the larger center piece and the stem.  Applying paste on the tile surface first, then on the paper back & front. 

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-base

Layer all the other pieces, ending with the leaves. Then allow to try for several hours. 

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-glued

Once dry it’s time to do some details on the leaves (optional) with the permanent marker.  *See photo below.

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-details

Remember this is fun and not perfect!  I always feel like I have to repeat this sentence because so many people stress over a project.  Projects should be fun & stress free!!!

Once that is done, spray another coat of sealant on the entire project and allow to dry completely.

You’re ready for the final step, doing the vinyl lettering.  You could print it if you have great handwriting and can swing that!  But if not, I have attached the vinyl letter pattern for your use, HERE!

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-vinyl

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-cricut

Fall Pumpkin Tile DIY-gcc-project

A fun and inexpensive farmhouse style Fall decoration!  Combining everything I love during this season…Fall colors, pumpkins, rustic and charm!  Just how I love my crafts to be❤︎


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