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farmers market goodness-veggies

I ♥ LOVE farmers market goodness and Austin has lots LOTS of that!

Sunday was a lazy day with no “set-in-stone” plans so I headed to  Hope Farmers Market to stock up on fresh produce.  Was hoping to catch up with Jackie (Bubs girlfriend), but apparently they are both down with food poisoning (we think) 🙁

So I shopped, lunched on a delicious brisket taco from the Peached Tortilla vendor, a refreshing mango drink and bought lots of goodness.  One of bubs musician friends was onstage and he actually remembered me from years ago.  We chatted a bit and then I made my way back home to enjoy some of the goodies!

If you’re in Austin and haven’t tried the Peached Tortilla vendor  or Hope Farmers Market—-you MUST!


farmers market goodness-food

farmers market goodness-beet

and how beautiful are those Chinese watermelon radishes?

farmers market goodness-collage

Being a Valley girl, I love my citrus!  I stocked up on several lemons as well.  They’re easy to freeze and squeeze!

Tip*  If you want to have lemon zest readily available for your cooking and baking, here’s a very easy way.  I cut the skins off after washing and drying them.  Place the skins in a food processor and pulse until you get the consistency (very fine).  I place in airtight container or freezer bag- label- n freeze.  I usually juice the lemons at this point to have fresh lemon juice for my sweet tea (I’m a Texas gal and that’s how I like my tea), or for whatever else you might want it for.

Now—on to enjoy my glass of sweet iced tea!

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