The day arrived, featuring a Fall wedding that takes place one Fall day at the Thorncrown Chapel.  Just as this little girl always dreamt it would be.  Once she found the perfect guy, everything seemed to fall into place.
featuring a Fall wedding-thorncrown
It was a most spectacular location and the vibe in this town was fantastic.  I hope to go back someday just to take it all in once again.  It’s a very quaint town with a lot of hills, ups and downs, but charming nonetheless.  It was the perfect time of year to go and take part in a beautiful celebration like this one.
My daughter when very young, maybe 12 or so, was skimming through an Architectural Digest magazine that I had laying out.  She found the glass chapel in it and immediately fell in love with it.  She said, “I want to get married there!”  (Sure I thought to myself, who wouldn’t?). But when the time came, and we were searching for a venue, I knew she would never imagine another place being as perfect as that one was.  We were so happy to find one opening in the Fall that fit perfectly for their schedule.  No place could’ve been more perfect.  It’s simply breathtaking!

The dress~

Every momma dreams of the day not only when her daughter finds the perfect mate but when you get to go dress shopping with her.  To see her face light up, the smile, and the knowing that she has found the perfect dress—is just the best!  That was the second most important detail other than the venue.  We were on our way to a memorable wedding.

featuring a Fall wedding-dress
She always knew she wanted a Fall wedding, where she wanted to have the wedding, the little details, but the dress was to just happen when she saw it.

the reception site~

The Basin Park Hotel was chosen for the reception.  It is a very old hotel with a very old & small elevator, but we worked around that.  where fun was had by everyone.
featuring a Fall wedding-hotel

a night in a treehouse~

Who doesn’t love treehouses?  That’s what the groom reserved for the girls to spend the nights in during the weekend. It was one of the gifts he gave the bride because of her love of trees!  How sweet is he?
featuring a Fall wedding-treehouse

the rest~

featuring a Fall wedding-motel
featuring a Fall wedding-bridesmaids
featuring a Fall wedding-chapel
featuring a Fall wedding-cake
featuring a Fall wedding-framed
featuring a Fall wedding-sparklers
A beautiful fairytale wedding thru the eyes of the M.O.B.!
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