Guys, October is about to happen as we say bye to September.  Fall is upon us and that means the main holidays are right around the corner.  Welcome to this fun post. I’m sharing my festive Halloween table decor and a super cute DIY!

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-charger

Hocus Pocus and all that jazz, you know I love Fall, Halloween, & Thanksgiving.  When it comes time to decorate for them, my mind goes nuts and I never seem to run out of ideas on what I can do from one year to another.  

That’s when I remembered that I’d seen this large print of “October 31st” on a pillow (below):

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-pillow

Instantly falling in love with the image!  I just didn’t need, yet another pillow.  When I started pulling out my Halloween plates, I thought…I sure wish I had some cute chargers.  Wait, why not make some chargers with that image I like so much? 

Brilliant!!!  That’s what I thought and that’s just what I did.  Scurried over to the barn to the wood pile, grabbed the large sheet of 1/4″ plywood, the saw, sander, and made my way to trace out some 10.5″ squares.

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-pattern

Once the wood was cut and sanded it was time to put two coats of white paint and a spraying of sealant.  After that was fully dry, I applied the vinyl cutouts that I had designed.  

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-antique

Antique medium on all the outer edges and some final drying time and they were complete!  The simplest & cutest DIY ever!  Checkout how cute they turned out and how awesome they look on our Halloween table!

Halloween Chargers DIY

  • 1/4″ plywood cut into a 10 1/2″ square
  • Sand
  • 2 coats of white paint (acrylic, latex or chalk paint)
  • Sand
  • Spray matte sealant spray (allow to dry for 1 hour or more)
  • Adhere vinyl lettering
  • Apply antique medium around edges

Festive Halloween table decor

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-october

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-spiders

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-chargers

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-halloween

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-witch

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-plate

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-setting

Festive Halloween table decor-gcc-table

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at our Halloween table and getting some ideas on how you can create a perfectly-sweet & slightly scary table.

Celebrating a holiday can be so much more fun when you have decorations scattered throughout.  They don’t have to be elaborate—simple is key.  Just like “less is more”!  

Til next time❤︎

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