Spring is all around us—even in the makeup departments.  I was making a mad dash out the door with the To-Do list in hand for the errands I needed to do.   The first stop that I wanted to get out of the way was stopping by the makeup department for some new highlighter.   Rush in – rush out right?  Or so I thought.  Free Makeup Lesson?

free Makeup Lesson-collage

There was one sweet little attendant that was working in the department.  When she got done with her customer, she came to check on me and commented on how she liked the way I wore my eye makeup.  She looked around and seeing that it wasn’t busy in there, she asked if I minded doing her eyes.

“Really?”, I asked.  She was sincerely serious.  Why the heck not! (I only have 102 things to do today, I thought to myself.)  But then it isn’t everyday that someone asks me to show them how to apply eye makeup.  I found it sweet and flattering or, was she just sick of doing other people’s makeup?  I wasn’t sure, but I obliged.

free Makeup Lesson

Ten minutes later I was done and she was so happy for the free makeup lesson.  She was busy grabbing a cute little bag, while she asked me what I had come in to buy.  She grabbed my highlighter and continued to put other items in the bag along with it.  She handed it to me and said “Happy Mother’s Day!”

She wouldn’t take my money, even though I insisted.

free Makeup Lesson-goodies

A gift she said, for having taken the time to give her a makeup lesson!

While I was applying her makeup, we had been quietly conversing about Mother’s Day, about the length women go to – to look beautiful, girl talk, and then about GCC.  She wanted to know more about my blog, so I handed her one of my cards.  Shortly after I got home, I got a sweet~sweet message from her.

free Makeup Lesson-grab bag

Honestly, I felt bad for thinking about all the things I had to do and here she was asking for a few minutes of my time.

I don’t know if she was really happy with the outcome of her makeup, if she just needed someone to talk to, or whatever.  Regardless, SHE helped me put my day into perspective and I was reminded once again to slow down!  (I have a hard time slowing it down!)  I know GOD knows that.  And the only way HE can find to make me slow down, is to put randomness such as this moment in my life. This is important stuff and more so than errands OR 102 things to do.  Right?

This girls working on slowing it down!  I’m gonna take time to notice sweet moments like these, especially when I look back and can’t help but think THAT was the “real” makeup lesson ~

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