I’m not a gardener… let’s just start with that.  I’ve mentioned before that I kill ivy & cactus–so what does that tell ya?  But I do love herb gardens and I do pretty good with them.  There are still some herbs however, that I can’t grow but I haven’t given up on them.  I thought this would be a perfect post because I just got back from vacation.  When we returned, our parsley was crazy – overgrown.  Today, some Fresh HERBS: what ∙when ∙how!

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-herbs

We’re new to the Midwest and new to gardening in this zone.  I know not to expect to have a ginormous rosemary bush like I’ve been accustomed to because it doesn’t fair too well here.  The same for basil, I’ve been told.  But here’s to what I do have in the herb garden!

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-fresh

In the garden

we have:

  • cilantro
  • basil
  • oregano
  • two varieties of sage
  • tarragon
  • dill
  • rosemary
  • parsley 
  • mint

The parsley has gone a little crazy along with the sage, so I have been harvesting a lot of those two.

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-parsley

When to harvest

When you’re ready to start trimming & snipping on those home grown fresh herbs, gather the following:

  • shears
  • basket or tray
  • twine

The best time to harvest fresh herbs is early in the morning.  Snip your herbs and gather them up for a clean rinsing.  After rinsing , I shake excess water off and place them on a clean dishtowel to dry.

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-drying

Followed by stringing them together in small bundles and hanging to dry in a cool, dark place.  

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-dry

This takes anywhere from 6-14 days to completely dry (unless you have a dehydrator)!  You’ll know when they’re dry by the crispness when you crunch them in your hand.

Once dry, you can mince, chop or leave whole.  I sometimes leave my sage and mint whole.

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-mince

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-chop

The fun part

Now you’re ready to store & use!

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-bag

You can choose to bag them or fill in jars.  But why wouldn’t you want to bag them and add a cute tag???

I’ve made some that you can print & use if you want to go that route!  Just download them HERE!  

They even have a place for you to put your name on it!  There are a variety of them like parsley, lavender, thyme, cilantro, etc.  

I made a whole sheet of just parsley for mine cause I had so much of it!  If you want to do that just cut the image with herb you want.  Save.  Add to a new document and repeat until you have a whole sheet full.  (Size: 3.84 x 4.41)

Print, cut & tag!

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-tags

Fresh HERBS: what when how-gullycreekcottage-bagged

These will make a cute & thoughtful gift for someone!

Happy week & thank you for following, liking, commenting, and showing some love ❤︎

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