While some of you are still experiencing some brutal summer heat, here in the Midwest- I can feel Fall in the air!  Time to bid farewell to the pansies, the dahlias, the petunias, and hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas though, dry beautifully!  Today I was wanting to change up our front door wreath, so I headed outdoors to gather some flowers to use. A fresh hydrangea door wreath is what our door was lacking!

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-plants

Before I show you my DIY for this simple door wreath, I’ll share how our hydrangea bushes came to be.  See I married a wonderful man with a green thumb (THANK THE LORD)!  As I lack any knowledge or ability to grow anything in the ground! (Wish I was kidding!)

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-planting

One day, shortly after we moved into our current home, he went to pick some things up at Lowe’s.  He came home with 18 hydrangea baby plants that were lacking life, had been neglected, and were on clearance.  Asking the manager, “how much for all 18 plants if I take them off your hands”?  A steal obviously, they made their way home, to be nurtured and cared for by this plant whisperer of mine!

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-color

They thrived and are full of blooms that are so heavy laden.  Some are kiwi colored and some are variegated pink & white!  They’re stunning!  So very pretty and they look lovely gracing a front door.

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-clippings

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath

  • The base:  I have a large 24″ grapevine wreath that I change out with seasonal or holiday sprigs, sprays, and florals throughout the year.  
  • Freshly cut hydrangea flowers (I used four different sized ones)
  • A few artificial sprigs of greenery for fillers
  • Wire
  • Clippers or scissors for trimming

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-supplies

  1. Start by removing as many leaves from the stems so it will give you a cleared off area to weave into the wreath.  Leaving a few, closer to the flower.
  2. Weave the fillers (greenery) into the wreath first to give your flowers a background.  You can use wire for extra hold if needed.
  3. Weave the hydrangeas into place.

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-trim

I chose not to add ribbon or bows simply because I loved the natural look just the way it was!  You can certainly add a bow or ribbon if you choose.  So simple and so beautiful.

Fresh Hydrangea Door Wreath-gcc-closeup

The flowers alone for me added the perfect touch!  I mean, look at ’em!!!  Delicate and those colors!!!

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