front door reveal-color

Enjoyed a beautiful weekend with family!  I love when they come visit!  Also enjoyed the sunny weather and cool temps.  So much that I took advantage of those temps and painted our front door and trim around it.  It was pretty blah and I LOVE an inviting front door!  One that speaks a welcoming note to all who approach it.  Take a look at my front door reveal!

front door reveal-color

So here are before and afters…

front door reveal-collage

The exterior of our new place has beautiful native limestone and some of the limestone has hints of yellows and golds.  That was the inspiration for the new color.

front door reveal-brick

My choice of color for the BURST of awesomeness I was looking for…MUSTARD!  And it blends perfectly with the limestone and has the CHEERY touch of HELLO.

front door reveal-pin


[Our door was a METAL door so my recommendation for a wooden door, is that you make sure to do some light sanding after the primer and after the 1st coat of paint for a smooth and better finished product.]

HOW TO’S:  Wash/wipe down the door and anything else being painted.  Allow adequate time to dry completely.  Now on to priming the surfaces to be painted. (Primer & sealant are oil based so either use a brush you don’t care to discard or have cleaner on hand because water and soap WON’T DO)! Again, allow to dry completely.

front door reveal-before-door

Now the fun part…(or my fave)—adding color!  I actually used a Benjamin Moore color (Gothic Gold) for the door and a rust-oleum (love-love) brand (White) for the frame.  Then I applied a coat of the urethane for extended longevity to the elements.  That’s it!  Now you have a  beautiful – inviting front door!  Very inexpensive but a super facelift.  (Don’t forget to wash out your brushes- here’s my recommended products I love)!

front door reveal-tools

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p.s.~ I added the “Hello” in white vinyl (Solitaire -font).

I’m still needing to find the perfect drop down light fixture for the porch ceiling, need to sew a cushion and decorative pillows for my rustic little bench make some creative new house numbers AND a “look at me” door handle to replace these ordinary ones.  I will post pics of the entire thing once I complete it…for now….anyone can find us by our MUSTARD door!

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