This past weekend was a pretty full weekend, (class reunion, short trip & fun).  Friday turned out to be very interesting!  First we planned on takin’ a day trip to Corpus to meet up with our daughter and her husband.  They had flown in for a friends wedding on the beach and were going to have a very short visit.  Her daddy and I decided we would drive down and we could get a few hugs, grab some lunch with them and then head back home.  The drive for us would be about two hours or so.  I’m so happy we decided on that because I missed my baby girl!

We met up with them at Snoopy’s Pier for some seafood.  The weather was wonderful and we ate al fresco and enjoyed just visiting and catching up.

full weekend-pier

We then drove over to a gelato place in Aransas Pass with them before we said our goodbyes.  Boo and I took the ferry on part of our return trip.  It was relaxing and I miss the ocean so much, it was a sweet treat!

full weekend-port-a

I heard later from my sister that my beautiful girl drove down further south to get hugs from her grandma’s…they pretty much felt this was the highlight of their year 🙂 [My daughter is here with my momma!]. Pretty sure she was exhausted after all their running around.

full weekend-momma

When Boo n I were on our way home, we were 80 miles from home when Boo noticed some light came on the dash.  He then realized what was about to happen and it did…car trouble.  We turned around about 3 miles to the best little town we had seen so far and good thing we did because an angel came to help us and didn’t want money for the help.  By this time it was almost 9 at night and this wonderful man drove out to come and help us. We paid him anyway and got on the road and made it home right before midnight. (LONG DAY)

Thank GOD for good people that are still out there!


Saturday a group of our classmates that live in the hill country got together for dinner and fun!  It had been years since I’d seen all of them with the exception of Becky.  Her and I have tried to stay in touch over the years and we are now living just under 15 minutes away from one another.   We met up for dinner and laughs and catching up on everyone’s lives.  That was such a treat.  These are some pics that we took of our group that showed up—not a bad lookin’ bunch huh?  This is the Harlingen High School Class of ’78!!!

full weekend-class-reunion

full weekend-classmate

We met up at Freddie’s in Austin and had a blast catchin’ up!  Dinner was great- the company was awesome!

full weekend-senorita

Full weekend

Thank goodness for Sunday’s—cause it was pretty low-key that day!  The kids also made it back home safely and all is good with the world.  Now for some R&R!

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