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Hubs and I are spending lots of time with the littles.  We see them daily as we help mommy and daddy while they try to keep their sanity.  No, actually it’s cause momma works during the day and daddy works nights.  So we watch them for a few hours in the mornings so daddy can sleep.  We like to keep them active, busy, but with constructive playtimes and activities so I’m usually searching on Pinterest or online to find fun activities for toddlers, our (almost) 3 year old.

Fun activities for toddlers-pin
Both my kids are in their 30’s so I had forgotten just how active and busy toddlers can be.  This one is no exception but he is fabulously interested in everything.  He loves helping in the kitchen, loves building things, and loves to make anything and everything. L’s daddy is very hands on and can fix or build almost anything, so naturally he had grown up watching his daddy work power tools, machinery, build stuff around the house and he has a high interest in all of it.

When he comes over and I’m fixing to make breakfast, bake or even clean, he offers to help.  (Wonder how long that will last, right?). Either way, I love that he has the inclination to offer.

Before I share the cute activities that we’ve done with him, I thought it would be a good idea to get him an apron to protect his clothing and his OCD-ness (he hates getting dirty).  I get it!  I found this cute (very inexpensive/see below), little poly apron on Amazon that I thought would work out and hopefully last for several years, and he can grow into it.

Fun activities for toddlers-apron

FYI–This would also make a perfect EASTER basket stuffer y’all!!! 

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With the help of my cricut and some cute clipart, I did a design to iron-on and personalize it for him.

Fun activities for toddlers-cricut

He was pretty excited the next time he came over and I pulled it out of the pantry so he could help with baking!

Fun activities for toddlers-personalized-apron

I chose cute graphics and personalized it with his name.  Now we have an apron that will protect clothing and it can just be wiped clean after each use.  It’s perfect!

He’s already used it to help bake.

Fun activities to do with a toddler-apron-baking

Little man wore it to paint in when we did this great little craft by using recycled toilet tissue rolls.

Fun activities for toddlers-collage

The craft is perfect for a 2-4 year old.  It helps with fine motor skills, with teaching colors, and guiding their creativity.

Fun activities for toddlers-craft

This time around we chose to make a sharp toothed crocodile and a colorful fish.

Fun activities for toddlers

You can find some really fun things to do using recycled paper towel and tissue paper rolls.  Here’s the LINK!  There’s ideas for the Spring time, a variety of animals, and even cute mini piñatas to keep your toddler entertained and busy.

Boo deserves the GRANDPA OF THE YEAR award for his ingenious idea for a race track.  L loves monster trucks!  One of the days that L was not with us, grandpa built this race track using a giant recycled cardboard box. The other recycled items he used were styrofoam & crushed leaves.  He even crushed race cars to make them look as if they had been in a wreck!

Fun activities for toddlers-race Fun activities for toddlers-track

Lochlan has spent countless hours enjoying his race track and letting his imagination run wild.

Fun activities for toddlers-racetrack

Hours of fun for some very inexpensive (recycled) activities to keep a toddler entertained.  Can’t beat it!

Fun activities for toddlers-croc

What will you be making next with your toddler?

Our next activity is making Valentine treats for mommy and daddy on Tuesday.

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