Off I went.  To join my 3 besties.  That’s g-time!  Joining ’em at an awesome destination, where we can try out new restaurants, shop, laugh, cry and best of all—-be ourselves and talk about anything and everything.


Roundtop, TX!  That was our recent gathering place a few weeks ago, for the winter antiques event and time away with the g/friends for some G-TIME!  This very VERY small town is located between Austin and Houston and it’s known for one thing only…(well, that I know of anyway).  Their antiques!  While us girls had all been there before, this was our first winter one and I can honestly tell you that I was the happiest out of all of us – as the winter air made me much happier than let’s say the spring (hot, melting, sauna – shopping (not my idea of fun), event.  But if any of you out there ever want to go shop for antiques, anything Texas, the coolest ladies fashion pieces,  home accessories, and endless & endless amounts of it all—you will be in awe!  It’s miles and miles of just that & it’s fantastic!


We had many stops and some of those included the Junkyard Gypsies store, Warrenton, (another fave),


as well as Royers!  If you’ve never eaten there, make it a point but be ready to face long lines and possible sell outs.


The pies…. to die for!


Recommendations for anyone wanting to make their first trek to ROUNDTOP…

  • wear very comfy shoes–cause you’ll be doing lots of foot time.
  • If you’re wanting to shop for something in particular- write it down or make a list – cause once there, you WILL be overwhelmed and forget all about your “wants” list.
  • If you’re shopping for home items and accents—MEASURE and take pics of the area you want to place these items in.  TRUST me!
  • Then just have fun and enjoy IT ALL!

The next upcoming Antiques FairMarch 28 – April 2nd


Our welcomed retreat from our shopping frenzy’s was our friend Lisa’s beautiful new home in the country.  I think it’s safe to say this for us all, we enjoyed taking in some fresh air, the stillness, and the quiet.  AND helping her decorate!

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