Gathering, love & laughter…

I sit here waiting for my feet to miraculously get baby butt smooth like on pinterest,


(Running short on time for a professional pedi) 🙁 so I’m here trying to catch up on my posting.  However, I haven’t been idle-promise.  Life has been swiftly sweeping past me, and I have been totally constructive with “living“.  You’ve probably read or heard that little saying, “don’t forget to live cause you’re too busy or whatever”! LOL- I’m kinda like Tim Allen in his Home Improvement show.  When he would meet up with his neighbor who would always give him some profound insight and by the time he went indoors and tried to share that insight with his family, it came out pretty twisted and hilarious!  Nothing related to the actual insight.  Well, what I was trying to say is that I have been living in the moment vs just watching my life pass by.  I have done a few small projects but mainly I’ve enjoyed spending time with the people I love!

  • Making time~

I love that summer brings vacations and time for family visits. My nieces were here for a couple of days and we enjoyed our time together.  We ventured to Gruene one of the days, (cuz who doesn’t love gruene?).

gathering, love & laughter



gathering, love & laughter

  • Gathering~

We had more of the kiddos stop by for a visit and gather around the kitchen for Boo’s famous Texas waffles!  Boy how they ♥ Tìos waffles!


kit waffs

  • Loving~

This is what I was referring to earlier, the opportunities we get in life to share with those that we love and what defines what “living/life” is really all about.  Sometimes we get so busy doing that we forget to breathe and enjoy life’s blessings.  I was certainly reminded of that many times over the last few days.  When I heard the laughter between the kids and Boo, and also when we got random & beautiful messages from both our kids.


Sweet Lord o’ mercy!  Thank you for the reminder to slow it down and embrace life’s blessings!!!

Back to my feet!  LOL  So I soaked them a little longer as I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted and after 20 minutes for each foot—ooh la la!  Now I’m not ashamed of my feet and they’re ready to share a bed with my bestie, as we are on our girlfriends weekend getaway.

Another weekend filled with life’s sweetness.  Let it begin~


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