Get that fire going..with some homemade fire starters!  At Christmas time I bought my husband and I a new fire pit.  We had thought about making it or getting a chiminea but then while shopping around we found a really nice one that we thought would meet our needs.  It’s perfect for these colder nights when you can just go out into the backyard and relax under the trees with a warm fire going.  That’s if it’s not too frigid or drizzly out.

I started researching fire starters online and then came across a site where they gave you pointers on how to make your own.  They are so easy!  And who doesn’t have candle wax sitting around?
get that fire going

There are different ingredients you can use but I opted for the ones I readily had on hand already.  Wax, check.get that fire going

Cardboard egg carton, check.


Then sawdust, check!  That’s all you really need.


I lined my surface with newspaper, filled the egg carton spaces with ample amounts of sawdust.

get that fire going

Melted the wax I had on hand…


poured over the individual areas and allowed to dry completely.


Once cooled, I tore each individual cup off and placed them in a storage bag til ready to use.  Now when we are needing to get the fire pit started, we just toss one of these cups in there.  Along with making it easier to get it going, you have a nice smelling fire going as well.  These are super easy to make and so much cheaper than buying actual firestarters!!!


Reuse, re-purpose, recycle–love it!  Next go around I’m tossing in some fresh lavender and rosemary before the wax is poured.  Now we’re set for those cooler Texas nights~


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